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Erechtheion s izvornom rekonstrukcijom boje

Erechtheion s izvornom rekonstrukcijom boje

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  1. Witter

    Vrlo zanimljivo! Judging by some responses….

  2. Shaku

    There are some more lacks

  3. Niece

    Sigurno. Slažem se sa svim gore navedenim. Možemo razgovarati o ovoj temi. Ovdje ili poslijepodne.

  4. Burdett

    Rather valuable piece

  5. Tozilkree

    Mislim da nije u pravu. Siguran sam.

  6. Guthrie

    For your information, this has already been discussed many times and has always caused heated discussions, but no sensible consensus has been found. Clarify your thoughts for readers

  7. Kazigar

    Deleted (topic mix)

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